A little about me.


My career so far has spanned primarily two areas: program administration and communications. On the admin side, I’ve worked as a program assistant and coordinator in roles within the English as a Second Language (ESL) industry and the non-profit sector. I’m also passionate about communications and authentic brand presence, which has translated into jobs in social media and communications for businesses and non-profit organizations. I love to write and although I’ll always be a book nerd, I’m also an internet tinkerer who continually observes how technology and the internet are influencing the way we communicate and exchange ideas.

I decided to take my experience in administration and communications and channel it into building my own virtual assistance business. I graduated from the AssistU virtual assistance training program, the gold standard of the industry. These days I’m jazzed to be learning new things everyday, and grateful for the ability to support some seriously awesome clients.


With a degree in International Relations and whack of experience living abroad, it’s safe to say I’m a culture junkie – fascinated by the mesh and collision of cultures they call globalization. Always ready to immerse myself into the things I love, I have had a fair share of travel adventures under my belt, including a yearlong stay in France, and a 5 month stay in Brazil. I love experiencing and learning about cultures and languages from the street level and I’m always humbled by the process of adapting to and living in another environment. I’m a big believer that the best learning always comes when we’re outside our comfort zones, the aspect of my international experience that I value the most.

I’ve got love for the west coast running through my veins – by that I mean I grew up among the mountains, oceans, lakes and rivers that make up this incredible temperate rainforest region. I love doing most things that gets me moving outside, particularly running and hiking. I am also passionate about environmental sustainability and social justice, and have donated (and continue to donate) my time, skills and funds to various causes and organizations. On a deeper level, I believe that the responsibility to contribute to something greater than ourselves is inherent to us all. Not to mention, it does do the soul a whole lot of good! I strive to continue to contribute in as many small and big ways as I can in my life.

In my free time, you can often find me exploring the many lush, green spaces of coastal British Columbia or keeping my hands busy with a recipe or something crafty.

I’m a curious and open-minded individual with a real adventurer’s spirit. I have a knack for languages and am enamoured with words, geeking out on everything from literature to spoken word and hip hop. I’ve been told I’m a great listener. I believe in approaching most things in life with equal parts common sense, empathy and healthy sense of humour.

I am currently based out of Vancouver, BC on the beautiful west coast of Canada.

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